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pdx eats

Home is within my reach!

So many things to do*, like

  • reunite with my beloved car and take a nice, long drive. ZOOM ZOOM, BITCH
  • find some fucking employment
  • root for the Timbers
  • prohibit Chinese food from entering my mouth for the foreseeable future
  • drink beer. copious amounts of beer.
  • hug all the white people I know
  • inhale dat fresh Oregon air and drink some good ol’ Oregon tap water
  • mount my bike
  • catch up on my Netflix queue
  • eat all the burritos and burgers
  • all of them

*I will be partaking in all of the above with my American flag Litas on.

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  1. lindseynoelle said: I am excited.
  2. ookii said: Welcome back!
  3. letmejusttellyou said: burritos and burgers yah yah
  4. fauxroux said: Ahhh I will be back in Portland next weekend for easter so we have to do something then!
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